New Review!!

WOW is the first thing that comes to mind. When you are the synopsis that this book is about bullying and things of that nature you dont really quite get the depths of it. It has been 11 years since I was in highschool you figure out the age lol. When I went to highschool social media and cell phones in everyone’s hands was just starting. We had myspace but that was about it. Now every teenage kid has a phone and can upload just about ANYTHING on the internet with in 5 seconds of recording it. Alissa thinks she has everything she wants and needs her family is great her bestfriend is great and now she has a boyfriend who adores her. The only thing she really worries about is the mean girls at highschool who try to make everyones life a living hell if they are not one of the cool kids. Which in this case is her best friend Katherine, who is a little wallflower who wants to be in the back ground. Her life is not as nice has her best friends and she is ok with that. I always tell my kids to be careful who they talk to and who they give information to because unless your truely know or trust them your business could go everywhere before you know it. And this is what happens to poor Katherine! She tries to start going to anit-bully meetings and when someone starts to make her feel uneasy she really does try to back away. ONly fate and karma do have different plans for her and everyone else in her life. Katherine begins to find herself in places she has never been and she is ok with that. But Alissa is a different story and when gets what she thinks she wants it just might not be. All and all this isnt a bad book, not quite what I was thinking but I have to give it to Evelyne she made me rethink my kids having online sites. I think the message in this book would be good gor everyone to read.

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